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Vi er ikke ens - Sweco Danmark

We are all different. That is one thing we have in common

Sweco is not only Europe’s largest architectural and engineering company. We are also the most spezialised. And integrated.

In fact, we do not simply believe that all the fields of expertise in the building trade should work together. We think that working in the same office makes us better and smarter. With the shared ambition to build a more sustainable society.

At Sweco in Denmark, you will have 1,500 colleagues. In Europe, we are a total of 21,000 experts who perform assignments in 70 countries worldwide every year.

Right now we have vacancies for more employees. And they should not be alike.

Camilla Hvid

Camilla Hvid
Sustainability / DGNB Consultant

“One of the things I greatly appreciate about our culture is that there is a lot of freedom under responsibility – and the feeling that if you get a good idea – both in relation to our projects and internal interdisciplinary initiatives – you’re also allowed to run with it. People listen to you. And it motivates me that what you’re pushing – and trying to create – succeeds. That the visions and thoughts we have for the projects go all the way.”

Johan Broholm
Energy / Indoor Climate / DGNB Auditor

“I work with energy, indoor climate and sustainability because I want to make a difference and I think you do precisely that in this profession. We humans typically spend 80-90% of our lives indoors. This is something few people think about, but the way our buildings are constructed and designed has a huge impact on our health and well-being. After I’ve become a father myself, it just feels even more important to work to improve the conditions we offer future generations when it comes to our schools, universities and workplaces in general.”

Vi er ikke ens - Sweco Danmark

Simon Andreas Enggaard
Engineer / Project Manager

“I work as a project manager in Facility Management, where I juggle highly complex projects with many stakeholders and where we have close collaboration across the many disciplines of our company. It’s one of the things that makes my work really interesting and that I appreciate. The great diversity, where we have architects and engineers and virtually all disciplines gathered under one roof, and where the various professional input and feedback must form a synthesis in the projects. I know that our clients also appreciate this – that they have one point of contact”

Ask Abildgaard

Ask Abildgaard
Team Manager / Team Almen – Integrated Consulting

“We have so many specialists in this house, so no matter what our customers demand, we can provide a qualified response and solution. This isn’t just an advantage for our clients. It’s also more fun professionally. And you acquire a huge understanding and respect for other people’s professional competences when you’re all sitting in the same room. It’s completely free daily continuing training that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Signe Boelsmand

Signe Boelsmand
Geographer / Engineer

“I’ve always wanted a job where I can make a difference. I get plenty of opportunities for this here in Sweco, where I work with climate change adaptation, water management and sustainability. In our projects, we focus on creating smart climate change adaptation which concurrently creates new urban areas that inspire community, play and learning. I find this extremely exciting because you help lift a socially critical task AND push the development in a more sustainable direction.”

Louise Straarup Sørensen

Louise Straarup Sørensen
Constructing Architect / Certified Statician

“I work as a specialist construction project manager, and I’m a certified statistician. There is currently great focus on the certification role – and it’s a part of my job that I find really exciting. This entails a great responsibility – but it’s also an exciting process to help control and ensure construction quality in buildings and structures. Basically, I like that I work with something tangible – and that I can, for example, say to my children that “your mother has helped make that building.”

Anders Hejnfelt
Civl Engineer / Digitization Manager

“I started at Sweco as a trainee engineer and I’ve been with the company ever since. After some time, I first became head of structures, then of BIM/ICT, and I’m today head of digitalisation. Here, I can help move our somewhat conservative industry in a more sustainable direction via digital opportunities. That’s one of the reasons why I’m here – you’re given responsibility and the chance to develop, and there are plenty of opportunities to create something across disciplines and our offices in Denmark and abroad.”

Transforming society together

Our society is facing crucial changes. Digitalisation, urbanisation and green transition are challenges of such overwhelming magnitude that they cannot be met throughout conventional methods and the mindset of the past.

It is about building a more sustainable future.

And it is also about working together. Architects, engineers, specialists and developers. After all, we can achieve far more if we pull together.

United in diversity

We embrace diversity. Both professionally and humanly. And right now we have vacancies for even more unique personalities.